Wajir County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for February 2021

Situation Report
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Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

Rainfall Reports.

The county received no rainfall throughout the month. The weather outlook for March 2021 shows that below-average rainfall is expected over the County.

Vegetation Condition: Severe vegetation deficit was reported across the livelihood zones, with Eldas and Wajir West experiencing extreme and severe vegetation deficits respectively.

Social Economic indicators

Production indicators;

• Livestock body condition is fair to poor.

• Milk production declined.

• Migration of livestock was not normal and total crop failure was reported.

• Incidence of livestock disease reported; mainly CCBP, PPR, LSD, Trypanosomiasis.

Access indicators:

• Terms of trade is unfavorable

• Milk consumption declined

• Return distance to water sources and cost of water increased when compared to normal

• Grazing distance to water sources increased. All water pans have dried up completely.

Utilization Indicators:

▪ Proportion of children with moderate malnutrition remained the same as the previous month at 23%.

▪ Desert locust invasion negatively affected crop, browse and pasture lands.