Wajir County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for August 2020

Situation Report
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Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators


In the month under review, The County generally remained dry and sunny during the day and cold at night.
Vegetation Condition Index in the month of August 2020 indicated greenness of above normal across all livelihood zones at 60.55, except Wajir South (Pastoral Cattle) that indicated normal greenness at 48.43.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

Production indicators:

• Livestock body condition remained good across the livelihood zones. Milk production was 2.1litres/HH/day which is within the normal range. There was no unusual migration. Incidences of livestock disease reported, however there were no deaths.

Access indicators

• Terms of Trade is favourable and above normal due to stable maize prices. Trekking distance increased but below the longterm average and previous year’s average. Milk consumption remained stable although it was slightly below the long-term average.

Utilization Indicators:

There was a decline in food consumption, less Coping strategy employed, 88 percent of children under five recorded MUAC >124mm and 12 percent recorded < 124. No notable variation in livelihood coping strategies.