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Vouchers for food assistance in Kenya’s refugee camps - Strategic and Operational Update March 2015


Quick Facts about the refugee camps

  • General food distributions (GFD) provide food to households to make up for household food access shortfalls, i.e. the difference between their food consumption requirements and what they are able to provide for themselves without adopting distress (damaging coping) strategies.

  • In both Dadaab and Kakuma, all refugees receive GFD rations to cater for their daily nutritional and caloric intake.

  • Currently, Refugees spend an average of 60-70 percent of their income to buy meat, milk, vegetables, sugar, and other food not provided by WFP.

  • Regular Joint Assessment Missions (JAMs) are conducted by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and WFP to assess the food and non-food needs of the refugees.