Kenya + 13 more

USAID FrontLines – January/February 2013

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Insights from Administrator Rajiv Shah


  • Insuring the Most Vulnerable Against a World of Risk
  • Second Time Around, Bangladesh Finds Success in Preparing for the Worst
  • For Colombians Displaced by Conflict, New Land Laws May Line a Path Home
  • Relief for Georgian Growers When the Skies Open
  • In Drought-Prone Malawi, Shining Lights of Hope
  • Turning the Page on Rwanda's Genocide
  • The Days of the Big Fish: Changing Reefs Mean Conservation Is Key for Coastal Timorese
  • Vietnam Tightens Noose on Emerging Disease Threats
  • Calling the Shots: Women Mend Fault Lines of Conflict in Uganda


  • For Nepal’s Bursting Lakes, Help from Halfway Around the World
  • East Africa’s Dryland Herders Take Out a Policy for Survival
  • Niger’s ‘Tree of Life’
  • Worth More than Peanuts
  • Surplus in Senegal, Even Without the Rains


  • When Information Is a Lifeline: the Role of Local Media in Humanitarian Crises
  • Hero Hacker Inspires Kenya’s Comic Book Fans to Action
  • Better Reporters, Less HIV?

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