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UNHCR Operational Update - Dadaab, Kenya, June 2019

Situation Report
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The first camp in Dadaab was established in 1991. There are 3 camps in Dadaab: Hagadera,
Dagahaley and Ifo.

Kambioos refugee camp was closed on 31st March 2017 and Ifo2 refugee camp was closed on 31st May 2018. Both were officially handed over to the Government on 21st June 2019.

Since December 2014, Somali refugees who decide to voluntarily return to their home country, receive UNHCR support in Kenya and Somalia.

Handover of Kambioos and Ifo2 consolidated camps

On Friday, 21st June 2019, UNHCR Dadaab received delegates from the National and Garissa County Government for the official handover of existing assets within Kambioos and Ifo2 consolidated camps. The camp consolidation program started in the beginning of 2017. Former Kambioos refugee camp was closed as of March 2017 and former Ifo2 refugee camp was closed by the end of May 2018.

The national government was presented by Hon. Patrick Ole Ntutu. Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ministry of Interior. The Garissa County Government was presented by the County Secretary for Garissa Deputy Governor.

Other delegates included, Maj. Gen. (RTD) Dr. Gordon O. Kihalangwe, Principal Secretary (PS), State Department of Immigration/MoI, Mr. Kodeck Makori, Ag. Commissioner, Refugee Affairs Secretariat/MoI, the Regional County Commander, and the Area MPs, Hon. Mohamed Dahir Duale/Dadaab, Hon. Abdikarim Osman Rati/Fafi, Hon. Mohamud Sheik Mohamed/Wajir South.
UNHCR Representative Ms. Fathiaa Abdalla accompanied the delegates to Dadaab.
The delegation toured various projects site and existing facilities in former Ifo2 camp. They were then warmly welcomed by a huge crowd comprised of both refugees and host community at the venue of the handover ceremony at Ifo2 hospital.

The main speakers at the event included CAS, PS, MPs and other officials from national and local governments thanked UNHCR for its partnership and collaboration on refugees ‘issues. The key message regarding the handover of the two former camps from everyone, was to ensure that the existing facilities in both Kambioos and Ifo2 camps are well protected and effectively used to the benefit of local population who hosted refugees for nearly three decades.

The handover documents were signed and handed over by UNHCR to the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of national Government and subsequently handed over to the Garissa County Government.