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UNHCR Operational Update - Dadaab, Kenya, January 2019


The first camp in Dadaab was established in 1991. There are 3 camps in Dadaab: Hagadera,
Dagahaley and Ifo.

Kambioos refugee camp was closed on 31st March 2017 and Ifo2 refugee camp was closed on 31st May 2018.

Since December 2014, Somali refugees who decide to voluntarily return to their home country, receive UNHCR support in Kenya and Somalia.

Voluntary Repatriation

■ On 30th January, the Dadaab operation facilitated the first movement of 2019, supporting 29 families comprising of 77 individuals to return to Kismayo with two flight.

■ As at 31st January 2019, a total 79,113 refugees were facilitated to voluntarily go back to Somalia, from Dadaab refugee operations since the beginning of the process in 2014.