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UNHCR Monthly Operational Update: Kakuma Camp & Kalobeyei Settlement, Kenya (1 – 30 October 2018)


186,001 The number of refugees and asylum seekers registered in Kakuma camp and Kalobeyei settlement as at 31 October 2018.

8,637 The number of new arrivals refugees and asylum seekers registered in 2018.

4,088 Individuals assisted to return to their home countries since February 2016.


Burundian refugee’s soap products meets Kenya national quality mark: Innocent Havyarimana, a refugee from Burundi who lives in Kakuma camp, “I use the internet a lot to conduct research on how to make different types of soap products for my clients. I learnt the theory in Burundi where I studied chemistry”. Read more:

Refugee Students at M-Pesa Foundation Academy hone their skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and sports:
In 2018, the M-Pesa Academy accorded UNHCR the status of a county and for the first time admitted six refugees to the institution. This is a significant step towards offering refugees opportunities for post primary education. According to UNHCR’s report, ‘Turn the Tide: Refugee Education in Crisis’, nearly two thirds of refugee children who go to primary school do not make it to secondary school. Read more:

Refugee athletes from Kenya speak at global sports forums:
Refugee athlete Pur Biel from Kenya has had several speaking engagements and has been invited to several sporting events since taking part in the Rio Olympics 2016, as part of the first ever Refugee Olympic Team. However, the invitation to receive an award in New York from the International Crisis Group (ICG), on behalf of the refugees that participated in the Rio was a very special moment, Pur says. Read more:

Awer Mabil: From living in a mud hut at a refugee camp to scoring for Australia:
The 23-year-old grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya, where hunger and cramped conditions were everyday problems for his family. After moving to Australia as part of a humanitarian programme, he was subjected to racism as he tried to make it as a footballer.
However, he has come through it all, and scored in his debut for his adopted nation in a 4-0 win in Kuwait in October. Read more:

Adut Akech, former Kakuma refugee, on opening doors for other models and building her own agency in South Sudan: Her roots – she was born in South Sudan and raised in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya – this is at the forefront of her mind when carving out her future. “Poverty is something that I think about it a lot. I’d like to start a foundation to help with homelessness,” she affirmed.