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UNHCR Dadaab Update 5/14, 01 - 31 March 2014



Ration Card Exchange

Between 15th and 22nd March, UNHCR replaced old food ration cards with new ones in all five Dadaab camps. Refugees who collected their food rations stopped by the UNHCR desks in food distribution centres to receive their new cards. 80,424 new ration cards were validated which means that 97% of all households in Dadaab now have a new card. The remaining 3% of households can approach the UNHCR field offices for their cards.

The list of households to receive food rations in the first week of April was generated on the basis of the new and the remaining old card numbers. When refugees do not show up for food distribution for three consecutive cycles, their ration cards are invalidated. After six cycles, their ration cards are inactivated.