UNHCR Dadaab Operation: Sexual and Gender Based Violence Dashboard July 31, 2015

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jul 2015 View Original


  • As of June 31st 2015, 533 SGBV cases were reported as compared to 623 reported at the end of June 2014. The reported cases depicted a decrease in reported incidences by 14.4% affecting women (96.2%), men (3.7%) and children (8.6%), with majority cases being women and girls. 100% of survivors received psychosocial counselling.

  • 480 individuals from the refugee community comprising 250 women, 230 men have been involved in Engagement of Men in Accountable Practices (EMAP) which was rolled out in three locations in the Dadaab Operation.

  • 56 survivors were involved in 47 Mobile court cases where two perpetrators were successfully prosecuted and convicted. 237 survivors of gender based violence have received individual legal counselling in all the five camps.

  • 142 UNHCR staffers, government counterparts and partner were trained on SGBV prevention and response activities, including 2164 persons of concern from the refugee community ( 228 in Ifo 1, 113 in Ifo 2, 622 in Dagahalley, 401 in Hagadera and and Kambioos).

  • Full roll out of the GBVIMS data tool by all lead agencies in the five camps with a population of close to 350,035 individuals.