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UNHCR Cholera Outbreak Response Updates: Kakuma Refugee Camp/Kalobeyei Settlement, 27/07/2017, Week 9 of Cholera Outbreak - Update No. 6


1. Highlights

  • Currently in week 9 of the cholera outbreak since the first case on 22nd May 2017 in both Kakuma refugee camp and Kalobeyei settlement

  • A total of 145 patient have been line listed and treated so far, 73 in Kakuma and 72 in Kalobeyei since the outbreak started.

  • No mortality has been reported giving a case fatality rate of 0%.

  • The period between 22nd June and 19th July no new cases were line listed in Kakuma but Kalobeyei recorded 5 cases in this period on different days.

  • Most of the new cases line-listed from 19th July have mainly come from the reception center in Kakuma and village 3 in Kalobeyei involving newly arrived refugees from both South Sudan and Burundi.

  • Though the sanitation situation in the reception center has markedly improved , overcrowding crowding, feeding on cold food that is communally prepared and refugees choosing to cook for themselves in open unhygienic areas due to lack of diversity in diet served may also be contributing to cases developing in the reception centers.

  • About 5 culture results have been taken for new cases recorded since 19th July for antibiotic susceptibility testing and to confirm that cholera remains the cause of the new cases though all met clinical case definition.

  • We have had no new cases the last three days and there are currently no admissions in the cholera treatment centers.