Understanding the Socioeconomic Conditions of the Stateless Shona Community in Kenya


The 2019 Shona Socioeconomic Survey report studies data on Shona households living in and around Kenya's Nairobi and Kiambu counties. The Shona community is a stateless population with members originating from Zimbabwe and Zambia. This groundbreaking report is the first of its kind that compares stateless and non-stateless populations and is a result of continued efforts to resolve statelessness in Kenya. Produced with the support of the Government of Kenya, the report, which is based on the Shona Socioeconomic Survey and the Kenyan Integrated Household Budget Survey (KIHBS), looks at how the stateless Shona community differ from the Kenyan population in household characteristics, housing conditions, education, employment, and consumption and expenditure. The survey was conducted over May and July 2019 and the report analyses data from 328 households.