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UMCOR Hotline 13 Nov 2006: Lebanon, Kenya



Life is slowly returning to normal for children at the Souane Elementary School in Lebanon. These young survivors are still recovering from the 34-day conflict with Israel that damaged their school, many of their homes, and their psyches. UMCOR is partnering with Action by Churches Together members to repair some 23 schools damaged in the conflict.

Member organizations are also giving assistance to nearly 3,000 families and 30 villages as well as providing psychosocial care for survivors. Help bring restoration to Lebanon and other areas of the Middle East that are suffering from the results of ongoing conflict by giving to Middle East Emergency, UMCOR Advance #601740.


UMCOR is partnering with Action by Churches Together members to help a village in an extremely arid area of Kenya to have sufficient water. The people in Noduat Village are traditionally nomadic pastoralists, but this way of life has become increasingly difficult as food and water become scarcer in Kenya. They have settled down in an area that typically has sufficient natural resources, however when the last rainy season was too short, they found themselves in great need.

UMCOR is helping partners there to build and maintain a water tank that can be filled by delivery trucks to help the 13,000 people in the area to supplement their water supply. You can support this and many other lifesaving programs by giving to All Africa Drought and Famine, UMCOR Advance #101250.