Turkana North, Central, West, East, South, and Loima Districts: Drought Monthly Bulletin, December 2009

Situation Report
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Situation overview

- The Greater Turkana district received very good amount of rainfall towards the end the month.

- The quality and quantity of pasture and browse in wet season grazing areas improved moderately.

- The average walking distance to and from water sources has reduced from 3.3 km recorded in November to 3.0 km.

- The body condition of most livestock species improved compared to the previous month. The mortality rate for all livestock species' has decreased from 9.63 % in November to 7.23 %. The average birth rate for livestock has decreased from 16.83% in November to 10.33%.

- The livestock sales rate decreased marginally from 3.75% recorded in November to 3.73%.

- Household milk production across the six districts decreased from 11.63% in November to 8.37 %.

- Fewer conflict incidences were reported during the month in all the cross border zones of Turkana.

- Most health centres recorded cases of malaria and upper respiratory tract infections. Cholera and measles outbreaks were reported.

- The nutrition status of children below five years improved slightly during the month, with the percentage of those rated at risk of malnutrition dropping to 25.70 from 26.40 in November.

- Based on the general overview, the prevailing food security situation in six districts is under "Recovery" Phase.