Transmara District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007

Situation Report
Originally published


Situation Overview:

Pastoral and Agro-pastoral livelihood zones (Kirindon, Lolgorian and parts of Kilgoris & Pirrar divisions) -

- Recorded 8 rainy days on average, less than the previous month (10 days), not well spread in time and space. The water situation for both livestock & people was fair and the trend was downward. Majority of the people had difficulties in accessing drinking water.

- Pasture quantity was sufficient and the livestock body condition was good. Milk situation was good and stable. Maize price was low and less than the one recorded in the same season of the year. The food situation was still stable.

- The MUAC indicator for children under five years (about the nutritional status) was stable, similar to that of the previous months.

- There were marked incidences of Malaria out break but it had been contained.

Mixed farming livelihood zones (Keyian and Kilgoris divisions) -

- The situation was better, as these areas had a better potential than the above. Water and pasture availability was good. Milk production was good and stable.

- Maize crop in most farms was at weeding stage and was in good condition..

- The food situation was good and stable as well as the nutritional status of children under five years.