Trans Mara District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, October 2009


Situation overview

- The district recorded 4 rainy days, similar to the previous month. The average rainfall amount was 62.14mm, a decrease from 85.38mm during the previous month. The rainfall was not well spread in time and space.

- Pasture quantity and quality were low, especially in pastoral zone, leading to poor and declining livestock body condition. Livestock markets were flooded since many people wanted to sell their animals because of drought and lack of pasture. This made prices to decrease.

- The water situation was declining and milk production decreasing. Milk was however available for children in Mixed farming livelihood zones but less than the previous month.

- Maize in Mixed farming livelihood zones was at post harvest; nevertheless, poor yields had been realized. Maize was at post harvest and prices had started increasing. Harvests were poor and not as expected. Beans price increased and the commodity was barely available in markets.

- The nutrition status of children under five deteriorated, with the percentage of those rated at risk of malnutrition rising marginally to 4.3 from 4.2 in September. This was attributed to drought and subsequent milk scarcity.

- The general food situation in the district was fair but likely to worsen.

Recommendations to DSG and KFSM

- More water projects need to be implemented in areas that face frequent water shortages and long distances to water sources during dry spells. Action: Water & ALRMP II.

- Sensitisation on post-harvest crop management to be done for farmers to minimize food wastage and improve storage/preservation. Action: MoA & ALRMP II.

- There is need to improve poor road condition as well as security access bridges and drifts in conflict areas. Action: Public Works, ALRMP II & CDF.