Third periodic report of States parties: Kenya (CCPR/C/KEN/3)


Human Rights Committee

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 40 of the Covenant

I. General introduction and country information

1. The Government of Kenya is honoured to present to the Human Rights Committee, Kenya’s third periodic report, covering the period from April 2005 to June 2010. The organization of the present report is in line with the general guidelines of the Human Rights Committee regarding the form and content of periodic reports to be submitted by States parties (CCPR/C/66/GUI/Rev.2). The report is the result of a highly participatory and collaborative effort between government departments, civil society organizations and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.

2. This report has been prepared in the context of dramatic changes in Kenya’s political, social, cultural and economic environments ensuing from the political crisis that was witnessed after the disputed 2007 presidential elections. Soon after the outcome of elections were announced on 29 December 2008, violence ensued, spreading all over the country and lasted until March 2008, with some parts of the country experiencing the violence for a longer period. During that time, the country witnessed unprecedented levels of violence, resulting in the death of at least 1,133 people, destruction of property worth billions of shillings and internal displacement of at least 350,000 people in Kenya.

3. In keeping with Committee’s guidelines on the form and content of reports (CCPR/C/66/GUI/Rev.2), this report presents, on an article-by-article basis, progress made on the implementation of the Covenant and how the measures undertaken translate into enhanced promotion, protection and realization of the civil and political rights of the people, as well as emerging and enduring challenges to these rights since the last report in 2005 (CCPR/C/KEN/2004/2). Under each article, this report includes information on the progress and the challenges which the country has faced , which also provide further answers to the concluding observations and recommendations given by the Committee during the presentation of the last report.