Tharaka Nithi County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for November 2020


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

▪ Rainfall distribution and continuation since onset has been good.
An average of 302 mm was received in the same month November which was 126% of the normal. Status of water sources was improving and above normal, although, the quality was poor due to poor treatment in some trading centres like Marimanti where piped water was brown and muddy.

▪ The overall vegetation cover across the County was below normal compared to the historical data albeit improving, which was also manifested in good forage condition due to even distribution of the short rains in November.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

Production Indicators

▪ Livestock body condition was fair and stable while food stocks at household levels were normal but depleting due to diminishing stocks from the long rains harvest.

Access Indicators

▪ Livestock and commodity prices were fairly stable with marginal changes due to the normal market forces.

▪ Household water distance decreased and was within the normal range due to increase recharge of water levels from the ongoing short rains.

▪ Milk production and consumption was normal and increased which led to low malnutrition cases.
Utilization Indicators

▪ Following all the above prevailing conditions, the overall drought phase in November was normal with an improving trend.