Tharaka Nithi County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for November 2017

Situation Report
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Biophysical Indicators
- An average of 232mm of rain was received in the County for the month of November. The rains received were slightly below normal as compared to the long term average of 256mm for November.
- The Vegetation Condition Index (VCI3M) increased from 27.76 to 28.97 indicating a moderate deficit in vegetation for November.
- The water recharge level was fair with most of the rivers impounding water to up to 80% of their normal level. However, rain water run-off into rivers increased water contamination hence the risk of water related diseases.

Production Indicators
- The condition of pasture and browse were fair and improving compared to that of the previous Month. Livestock body condition for both cattle and goats were also fair and improving due to improved pasture and browse compared to the previous months.
- Farming activities reported in the month of November were mostly weeding and pest control by spraying with agro-chemicals.

Access Indicators
- There was an increase in cattle price and a slight drop in goat price. Maize prices increased although it still remained within the normal range while the millet price remained constant.
- Milk production and consumption per household level increased from that of the previous months.

Utilization Indicators
- Percentage of children at risk of malnutrition decreased from 8.2% in October to 7.4% in November.