Tharaka Nithi County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for August 2022


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

 The month of August was relatively hot and dry. No rainfall was received in August.Vegetation condition remained on deteriorating trend registering VCI of 33.31 which was below normal.

 Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

Production Indicators

 Livestock body condition was poor for large and fair for small ruminants. Livestock in migration was reported along the Meru National park.

 No livestock deaths were reported. Market operation was normal for both livestock and food commodities except for high food prices.

 Term of trade was more than twice of the normal indicating high food prices against low and reducing livestock prices.

 Food commodity prices are likely to continue increasing due to low stocks at household level. This is attributed from poor harvests while Livestock prices are expected to reduce due to poor forage.

Milk production and consumption is likely to remain low.

Access Indicators

 Water distance was 3.6km which was normal but the quality showed deterioration.

 Water scarcity was evident and was indicated by frequent water rationing especially for piped water system in all trading centres which undermined access to clean drinking water.

Utilization Indicators

 Following all the prevailing conditions, the overall drought phase in August was at alarm and the situation was deteriorating.