Tana River District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, October 2009


Situation overview

- Most parts of the district experienced two days of heavy rains during the 2nd dekad, which continued in the coastal areas leading to flooding that affected physical infrastructure.

- Due to the experienced rains the water situation experienced a drastic improvement as most of the pans and catchment areas recharged.

- The condition of natural vegetation also improved, with pasture, large trees and browse regenerating.

- The livestock body and health conditions were still rated poor. This led to loss of high numbers of livestock at the onset of the rains. The condition of the survivors is expected to improve in the next one to two weeks. No livestock disease outbreaks reported but pneumonia related cases occurred in all livelihood zones.

- The livestock trading terms were favourable as the prices of almost all livestock species slightly stabilised over the month compared to last reporting period.

- The milk production and consumption indicators continued to worsen as both production and consumption at household level dropped while prices also rose.

- The main farming activities were land preparation and most farmers have not planted due to mix up of the weather predictions.

- Of the 450 households interviewed during the month, 2% were classified as "Better Off", 22% 'Middle", 59% "Poor" and 17% "Poorest" compared to 3%, 18%, 58% and 21% of last month.

- The food security situation was generally rated poor as the number of households rated as food insecure was still high in all livelihood zones.

- During the month, malaria, upper respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, diarrhoea and pneumonia were the most common diseases reported.

- There was a general improvement in the child nutrition status based on the MUAC<135mm measurement as the percentage of children rated at risk of malnutrition dropped to 14.7% during the month from 15.8% of last reporting period.

- Increased incidences of highway banditry, human/wildlife conflicts in terms of crop destruction and attacks on human beings were reported during the month.

Recommendations to District Steering Group and Kenya Food Security Meeting

- Continue with food aid in terms of supplementary feeding, school feeding and PRRO.

- Enhance security measures to curb rising incidences of highway banditry and measures of dealing with the human/wildlife conflicts.