Tana River District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation Overview.

The district is still generally rated alert and the trend is leaning towards stress. Areas indicating worsening trends are those in the pastoral zone.

Some erratic showers were reported in some parts of the district during the second dekad of the month mainly experienced in the marginal mixed farming and mixed farming areas

The pasture and browse condition is generally rated fair and adequate however over three quarters of the pasture is still in form of standing hay.

The water situation is still rated fair in most parts of the district though reported to be deteriorating.

The livestock body and health conditions are generally rated fair in all parts of the district.

Livestock prices have generally declined despite the fact that the ban on livestock markets has been lifted.

Food insecurity continue to be felt in all the livelihood zones as no meaningful crop production has taken place during the short rains period while revival in the pastoral zone was hampered by the closure of the livestock markets due to the outbreak of RVF.

The nutritional status of the children aged below five years based on the MUAC has shown some improvement as the percentage of children categorised as being at Risk of Malnutrition slightly dropped.

Though the security situation has improved, tension between the Orma and Wardei is still very high.

This if not closely checked may flare into serious conflicts.

Recommendations to DSG/KFSSG

Need for relief food in all the livelihood zones

Consider relief seeds and farming implements to farming families.

Conflict and peace building mechanisms/initiatives should be enhanced in those areas where tension is still high.

Current interventions.

Non-Food Aid

CCBP and de-worming campaigns by the DVO.

Water and Sanitation interventions.

Construction of dams through the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation.

Distribution of non food items by the Catholic Diocese of Garissa

Malaria campaign by the (PSI) Population Services international

Food Aid.

School feeding programme

Supplementary and therapeutic feeding programmes.

Food for work activities in Wenje division by the Wenje Parish.

Food for fees in three secondary schools.

DSG Meeting.

The DSG was held on 19th March 2007 and recommended the following.

- Brooks along the delta be managed in order to bring back to normal derailed socioeconomic activities of the people living down stream. Proper study on the soil profile to be carried out before any activity is undertaken.

- KRCS was appointed lead agency for EMOP activities taking over from Catholic Diocese of Garissa.