Tana River County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2017


Biophysical Indicator

  • The County is currently experiencing moderate vegetation deficit.


  • Negligible showers were received in this month. The OND rains were expected to begin in the second dekad of October but these seasonal rains have delayed. The county recorded an average of 3.33 mm which is below the normal for this time of the year.
  • The vegetation condition. The 3-month VCI indicates that the County is currently experiencing moderate vegetation deficit recording a VCI of 26.05. The values slightly increased when compared to the values of the previous month where the VCI was at 23.87. The vegetation condition remains poor in the county.

Production Indicators

  • Most of the livestock in Tana River County have remained in Tana Delta and in the neighbouring counties (Lamu and Kitui County). The other stocks have remained along River Tana. Some herders reported to be migrating away from the delta region due to the seasonal trend in expectance of the OND rains.
  • Pasture and browse conditions remains poor.
  • Livestock body condition also remains poor.
  • Milk production at household level remained stable and below the normal range at 1.5 litres compared to the last month.

Access Indicators

  • Milk consumption at household level remained poor at 1.2 litres compared to the last month where it was at 1 litre. Milk consumption remains below normal.
  • The average livestock distance to the water sources remains above normal at 9 km compared to the last month where it was at 11 km. The return distance remains high compared to the normal distance of 8.2 km.

Utilization Indicators

  • The percentage of children under the risk of malnutrition in this month remains high at 24.5% compared to that of September which was at 26%. The poor nutritional status is attributed to low milk production and poor agricultural production in the livelihood.