Tana River County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for July 2018


Biophysical Indicator

  • The County is currently experiencing Normal vegetation conditions in EWS classification.


  • The county received normal rainfall amount in the month at 7.2mm. However, the Tana delta region of county continued to suffer from floods of the last rain season. Floods have not yet receded completely in some villages.
  • The vegetation condition. The 3-month VCI indicates that the County is currently experiencing an above normal vegetation greenness at 79.95. The values slightly decreased when compared to the previous month where the VCI was at 87.42. All the Sub Counties continues experiencing above normal vegetation greenness.

Production Indicators

  • Most livestock have remained in the hinterlands of the county. A few herds reported to have started to migrate towards the delta region.
  • The browse and pasture condition in the county remains good.
  • The livestock body condition for both grazers and browsers are also good.
  • Milk production at household level is slightly reduced to 4 litres compared to that of the last month where the amount was at 5.4 litres. The milk production is above the normal average of 3.5 litres.

Access Indicators

  • The average milk consumption in the county slightly reduced at 2.4 litres compared to the last month which was at 3litre. Milk consumption is currently above the normal 2012-2017 average of 2.35.
  • The average livestock distance to the water sources remained below the normal at 6.1 km in this month. When compared to the last month where it was at 4.5 km. The return distance slightly increased.

Utilization Indicators

  • The percentage of children under the risk of malnutrition in this month was at 14% compared to that of June which was at 14.3%. The poor nutritional status is attributed to poor milk production and consumption and also the lack of enough food in the household.