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Sweden increases humanitarian aid to Kenya and Somalia

The Swedish Government has decided to increase the humanitarian aid to Kenya and other countries in the Horn of Africa with KES 2,9 billion. The additional funds are intended to meet basic needs such as health, food, water, sanitation and protection of children.

Sweden’s additional support to Kenya amounts to KES 428 million. It is directed towards the drought struck Kenyan people and the rapidly increasing numbers of refugees in Kenya. Sweden’s humanitarian aid to Kenya now totals KES 1,9 billion in 2011.

“The humanitarian situation in parts of Kenya is alarming. There is also an imminent risk that the famine in Somalia will spread during the next months. Sweden is strongly committed to alleviate the humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa”, said H.E. Mrs Ann Dismorr, Sweden’s Ambassador to Kenya.

In addition to the support to Kenya, the Swedish Government also decided on 28 July 2011 to increase humanitarian aid to Somalia with KES 1,5 billion. Sweden’s humanitarian aid to Somalia now totals almost KES 5 billion in 2011.

The support will be channelled through UNICEF and international non-governmental organisations with capacity to rapidly scale up their activities in the region. Sweden’s humanitarian aid to the Horn of Africa totals KES 10 billion so far this year. This makes Sweden one of the top five humanitarian donors to the region.

Sweden’s bilateral development cooperation with Kenya amounts to KES 5,4 billion in 2011. The humanitarian aid, of KES 1,9 billion, is in addition to the long-term development cooperation.

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