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Sweden and Kenya agree on continued and deepened cooperation for judicial reforms

Sweden and Germany agreed to enhance their common efforts to support the Government of Kenya’s transformation of the Judiciary system to promote judicial reforms as part of the implementation of the Kenyan Constitution from 2010. A memorandum between the three parties was signed by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, German Ambassador Margit Hellwig-Boette and Swedish Ambassador Ann Dismorr, who was quoted in Kenya’s first daily newspaper, the Daily Nation, saying that she was impressed by the “comprehensive and holistic approach” to the Judiciary reforms.

Sweden and Germany have agreed to spearhead the international support for the judicial reforms by offering initial and preparatory financial support paving the way towards a wider engagement from the international partners in Kenya. The Chief Justice thanked the two countries for this important commitment, stating that he considered Sweden and Sida to “be part of our history”, owing to Sweden its long-standing support for human rights and democracy in Kenya.