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South Sudan Emergency Aid: Water Supply Facilities Completed at Refugee Camp

About 38,000 people have evacuated South Sudan, which has been mired in conflict since the end of last year, to the Kakuma refugee camp in neighboring Kenya (as of June 11th, 2014. UNHCR <United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees>). AAR Japan has been conducting research and providing support at the Kakuma refugee camp since February this year. Resident Staff of AAR Japan South Sudan Office Daijo TSUCHIKAWA, who is engaged in the activities on the ground, reports:

Installing Water Pipe to Deliver Safe Water to the Camp

It is very hot in Kakuma, with the air temperature exceeding 40°C during the day. Sandstorms hit the camp every day, and the people living there suffer a dire shortage of water for both drinking and rinsing away dust from children’s eyes. Although UN organizations deliver water to the camp with water tank trucks, road conditions worsened by continued heavy rain often hinder these trucks in reaching the camp. Because of the lack of safe water, people may have no choice but to drink standing water from the ground, raising fears of deteriorating sanitary conditions.

AAR Japan therefore established, in cooperation with the UN organizations and other international NGOs, a water supply system to ensure a stable supply of safe water to the camp. AAR assumed the task of installing 4.8 kilometer-long water pipes connecting a well northeast of the camp to a water tower at the camp. This system ensures a steady supply of water – as much as 500,000 liters a day – even when water tank trucks cannot reach the camp because of the poor road conditions.

These support activities enabled the people living in the camp, who had previously been given at most only 10 liters of water a day, to now receive 18.7 liters a day. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who helped in our activities.

*These activities are being carried out thanks to the generous donations of many of you and the support of the Japan Platform (JPF).