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Somalia Humanitarian Overview Vol. 4 Issue 3, March 2011

Situation Report
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Main Developments

  • The fighting in Mogadishu, Gedo and parts of the Lower Juba regions continued to impact on civilians with approximately 23,600 displaced in March due to both conflict and drought. Of concern is that children were involved as fighters in Belet Xaawo, Gedo region and a significant number of them were killed. Limited access to basic food commodities and increased food prices in the conflict areas continued to place many people in precarious situations.

  • In March, a Food Security Alert warned that the likely poor performance of the Gu (April-June) rains in Somalia is expected to result in a further deterioration in the food security situation. More than 50,000 people have been displaced due to drought since December 2010. Emergency contingency planning, including new response strategies, have been called for to address current and expected food deficits and malnutrition.

  • A comprehensive contingency plan for south central regions was developed in response to conflict and drought scenarios with working figures of approximately 192,000 new displacements (142,000 due to conflict if fighting continues and 50,000 due to the drought). The total requirement for the additional needs is estimated at US$15.7 million, excluding the Food Assistance Cluster, which will need an additional 46,112 metric tons of food commodities, and the Shelter Cluster, which has a deficit of 2,473 Non-Food Item (NFI) kits.

  • The humanitarian community continued to respond to communities most affected by the drought and conflict. In Gedo region, more than 2,000 NFI kits were distributed to families affected by the conflict in Belet Xaawo. In Sanaag region, 680 children under 5 years of age are being screened monthly for malnutrition. In Puntland, a water voucher activity started in 63 drought-affected locations benefiting 30,600 people. The National Immunization Days took place between 20-28 March throughout Somalia targeting 1.8 million children under 5 years old.

  • There has been a marked reduction in overall funding levels for Somalia in the last two years. The decline has been obscured by the funds carried over from previous years. Somalia received US$429 million in 2008 (without carry-over) compared to $342 million received in 2009, while $251 million was received in 2010. The decline in new funding between 2008 and 2010 was $178 million – a 41 per cent decline.

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