Situation Update on the Moyale Clashes (MC) 9th December 2013 - Situation Update No. 1

from Kenya Red Cross
Published on 09 Dec 2013 View Original
  1. Situation Overview

After the August-September Moyale inter-clan clashes, between October and November 2013, there have been many other attacks within Moyale County. The attacks reported routinely occurring abruptly especially when the victims are at work or travelling such as among the drivers, commercial motor cycle’s riders, traders, and other incidents at night within Moyale town. After the August inter clan clashes some the houses that were evacuated after the clashes were found looted.

During the month of October 2013 over 9 attacks occurred that left 9 people wounded with various injuries, and the main cause of the attacks not clearly known. The security situation in Moyale County has gradually deteriorated as inter-communal attacks have persisted since July 2013. Moreover cattle raiding has also attributed to the recent attacks for instance on 24th November 2013 cattle raiding occurred at Dofano in the Qate area-Belonging to Borana Community the cattle was perceived to be taken by some of the Gabra community members, this later led to an exchange of firearms among the two communities where one person was left dead.

Besides the various attacks other incidents that have been reported are barricading of the roads, whereby on 28th November 2013, transport services from Moyale to Nairobi were found paralyzed as the Moyale- Nairobi road was found blocked at Turbi for over 10 Hours. On 29th Nov 2013 three vehicles from Nairobi to Moyale were found blocked at Walda and Sololo Makutano where one was looted at Sololo Makutano. The two others left for Walda and later they were attacked and one was robbed and the other one managed to escape, no injuries were reported after the incidents.