Situation report 005 – Nairobi Floods and Huruma Building Collapse

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Situation Report 005- Floods and Huruma Collapse

Sitrep No. 005/May/2016

Date of Issue-04/05/2016 at 1700Hrs

Current Situation

The search and rescue response activities to the Huruma collapsed building is still on-going with half of the rubbles having been cleared. Working space poses the major challenge in speeding up the operation as the collapsed building is sandwiched between buildings on two sides while the third side is a river front. There are currently 2 excavators at the rescue operation site which has helped to speed up the recovery efforts KRCS Actions So far, 24 bodies have been recovered from the debris. The number of casualties admitted at KNH is at 15 (7 males and 8 females). From the numbers of deaths confirmed, 13 were adults (9 males and 4 females) and 11 were minors (5 males and 6 females). One of the casualties that had been referred at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) succumbed to injuries, bringing the total number of deaths to 25.

Out of the bodies recovered, 16 have been positively identified, with one being transferred to Chiromo Mortuary. The total number registered through tracing is 125, with 55 cases closed (41 alive and 14 dead) while 70 cases remain pending.

In the Psychosocial Support interventions carried out in the last 36 hours of this reporting period, 4 group sessions have been conducted, reaching a total of 64 clients (22 males and 34 females and 9 children).

On 3rd May 2016, through the cash transfer programme, KRCS disbursed Sh15000 to 152 households affected by the disaster. This is to enable the households to support the payment of rents and procurement of assorted household items.