Situation report 004 – Nairobi Floods and Huruma Building Collapse

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Sitrep no. 004/May/2016

Date of issue – 02/05/2016

Time period of Sitrep: As at 1500hrs

Current Situation

Heavy rainfall has been observed in various parts of the country over the last few days. The latest forecast from the Kenya Meteorological department (KMD) indicates a likelihood of continued heavy rains in most parts of the country including parts of Western, Nyanza, Central and Northern Kenya. The latest update on dam water levels indicates that the seven folk dams along River Tana basin were operating at full capacity as at 0700hrs on 2st May 2016.

Masinga and Kiambere Dams have already began spilling and as a result, close collaboration is ongoing between KenGen and KRCS to ensure communities living downstream receive early warnings and evacuate in case of continued spillages.

Impacts of the ongoing rains in the highlands have started being felt in the upper parts of Tana River whereby several farms are flooded in Mbalambala and Pamba areas from water which continues flowing down to Madogo, Garissa and eventually to the Tana Delta in Tana River County. Alerts to these communities have been issued informing them to move to higher grounds. Floods were also reported at Bute of Wajir North Sub-County with above normal rainfall being experienced in the entire county. In West Kenya, high water levels in major rivers continue as the water volumes rise to alarming levels. So far, 3 drowning cases have been reported and about 67 households affected in Budalangi where a joint response with the county commissioner and county government officials was conducted.

A total of about 43,683 people have been affected countrywide with Nairobi County being the worst affected by the rains due to flooding in the various estates that led to collapse of one residential building in Huruma on 30th April 2016. As at the time of reporting, from the collapsed building operation in Huruma, a total of 21 bodies had been retrieved from the rubble with a total of 117 cases reported missing at the KRCS Tracing desk. Out of these cases, 21 were closed and 96 others remain open as search and rescue operations continue with chances of getting survivors that may still be trapped under the rubble being slim.