Seven day weather review from 17th – 23rd November, 2011 and the seven-day forecast valid 25th November – 1st December, 2011


Review of weather for the last Seven-day period (17th – 23rd November 2011)

During the review period (17th – 23rd November 2011):

• A general pickup in rainfall activities was experienced over the country except for some parts of the Northeastern around Marsabit, eastern parts of the Central highlands around Meru and the Coastal strip.

• Daily heavy rainfall (> 20mm) events were observed over the Central Highlands, Nairobi area, Northeastern areas, the Western parts and parts of the Southeastern lowlands.

• Daytime (maximum) temperatures were relatively lower than in the previous period over the Highlands west of the rift valley, Central Rift valley, Central Highlands, Nairobi area and southeastern regions.

• Minimum temperatures were also lower in Northeastern, Highlands west of the rift valley and Central Highlands. Kakamega was the coolest among all the stations.