Samburu County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for September 2018


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

  • No rainfall was received during the month.

  • Vegetation condition cover remained above normal but with deteriorating trend.

  • Surface water points diminishing and are currently holding about 50% of their capacity.

Socio Economic Indicators Details

  • Trekking distances to water points for both household and livestock increased across the county.

  • No migration since all livestock is currently grazing in wet season grazing areas though moving further away from homesteads.

  • Milk production decreased but consumption increased.

  • Body condition for all livestock species was good due to availability of forage and water across all the livelihood zones.

  • Livestock prices for small stock stabilized but reduced slightly for cattle though remained above long term average for all species.

  • Maize/posho prices remained stable compared to August.

  • Favourable Terms of Trade witnessed with a goat exchanged with 67.7 kilograms of cereals.

  • Proportion of children less than 5 years at risk of malnutrition increased compared to August.