Samburu County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2017


Biophysical Indicators

  • Short rains onset was on time realized in 2nd dekad of October. Cumulative rainfall was 8.9 mm and 54.1 mm was in the 1st and 2nd dekad respectively which was fair and evenly distributed.
  • Vegetation cover improved particularly in North and Central with an average value of 32.56 for the county compared to 26.77 noted in last month as measured by vegetation condition index (VCI).
  • Open surface water sources have fully recharged in agro pastoral zone and partially recharged in pastoral livelihood zone as a result of precipitation received.

Socioeconomic Indicators Details

  • Livestock from pastoral areas of Samburu east that were grazing in agro pastoral areas are migrating back towards Mathew ranges. Movement of livestock from Marsabit County was also observed from Samburu north towards Laisamis.
  • Downward trend was notice in both livestock and household trekking distances.
  • Both milk production and consumption increased at household.
  • Goats’ and sheep body condition was good to fair while for cattle ranges between fair to poor across the livelihood zones.
  • Posho/Maize market prices remained stable at Ksh 55 per kilogram.
  • Current TOT was 39.1 kg of cereals from the income of sale of one goat.
  • Rate of children at risk of malnutrition improved to 21.6 percent from 25.9 percent recorded in last month.