Samburu County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for March 2015

Situation Report
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Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

The county is at early alarm with high drought risk. The average rainfall recorded was 15.6 mm as measured by three rain gauges, the average amount recorded was below normal ranges. The forage conditions reduced from 32.48 to 16.8 as measured by vegetation condition index (VCI) for the overall county indicating severe drought. Surface and underground water sources have either dried up or are drying up quickly.

Socio economic indicators details

Livestock migration was witnessed as pastoralists moved in search of better pasture for their animals. An average of 30 bottles per household was produced which was way below the LTA of 37.5. A pastoralist needs 0.64 kg of meat in exchange for a kilo of cereals. The unfavourable TOT was an indication of poor livestock prices against high cereal prices.

19.7% of children under 5 years were found to be at risk of malnutrition. This percentage was within normal expected range.