Riverside Attack : Rescue and Response

Wednesday,16 January 2019, Nairobi: Humanitarian support to victims affected by the Riverside attack remain ongoing where the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and other humanitarian actors continue to work with the government to attend to families that have been affected by the unfortunate searching

Tracing service are ongoing both at the Chiromo campus along the Dusit D2 hotel and Chiromo mortuary where KRCS is supporting families searching for their loved one. A total 94 cases were reported missing as of 16th January 2019 at 15.00 hrs., 44 cases had been closed positively while 50 cases remain pending.psycho social

Psychosocial support is also underway due to the trauma experienced by those affected both directly and indirectly. This is a service that is also being offered via telephone (on call) for those unable to access the counsellors stationed at Chiromo campus and Chiromo mortuary. A total of 180 individuals have so far received professional counselling.

For both tracing and psychosocial services, members of the public may contact the KRCS toll-free lines 1199 or 0715 820219.

At least 30 injuries were reported and were evacuated to Kenyatta National Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Avenue Park Hospital, MP Shah and Coptic Hospital among other health facilities.

Overall, approximately 700 people were evacuated and 14 deaths reported as indicated by the National Government.

“I want to congratulate the Government of Kenya for a well-coordinated operation and thank the Kenya Police for their good leadership during the response period, I further thank all Kenyans for their goodwill messages and support during this difficult period,” Dr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General, KRCS said.

We thank all who have donated blood and as much as the active drives linked to this incident may not continue, we encourage others to visit nearest Regional Blood Transfusion centre and donate. We further appreciate everyone for their generous donations and supports.

“It is always encouraging to see our nation come together during such a time and may we continue to stand together even during normal time and build Kenya,” Dr. Gullet added.

[update] More tracing cases of those initially reported as missing have been closed positively. At the beginning of the rescue operation 94 cases had been reported by family members who were unable to reach their loved ones. At 20.30 hrs., 75 cases had been closed positively with 19 pending, which we hope to close in the course of tomorrow.

Counselling services by the KRCS Psychosocial teams have now reached 341 people as of 20.30 hrs. More persons continue to receive counselling, services that will continue to be available in the coming day at Chiromo mortuary. On call counselling is also available through our toll-free line 1199.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit nearest Regional Blood Transfusion centres and donate blood.

For further information, please contact:

Noellah Musundi, Public Relations & Communication Manager, Kenya Red Cross Society:

Mobile: +254-720-359-696, E-mail:

Florence Ogola, Communications Officer, Kenya Red Cross Society

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