Review of the weather in November and the outlook for December 2011


1.1 Weather Review in November 2011

• Highly enhanced rainfall was recorded over most parts of the country during November 2011.

• The rainfall was especially highly enhanced over the Northeastern, Northwestern, western Kenya and parts of central Highlands including Nairobi. Most Meteorological Stations in these areas recorded more than 125 percent of their Long-Term Means (LTMs) for the month.

• However, a few stations along the Coastal strip recorded depressed rainfall (< 75% of the LTMs). 1.2 The forecast for December 2011

The month of December normally marks the end of the “Short-Rains” (October-November-December) season over most parts of the country. The outlook for December 2011 indicates that:

• The western sector of the country is likely to continue receiving enhanced rainfall.

• Most of the eastern sector is likely to experience slightly depressed rainfall.

• The seasonal rainfall is expected to cease within the first to second week of December over most parts of the Northern Counties while cessation over the Western, Central and Southern Counties is expected within the third to fourth week of December.