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Review of the Regional Framework for the Protection of Refugee Children in Kenya



Since the largest majority of the South Sudanese refugees currently in Kenya are in Kakuma camp, coordination of the child protection (CP) response to South Sudanese refugees in Sudan has mainly taken place in that location. All partners highlighted the close collaboration among the different operational and implementation partners (OPs and IPs), and the fact that planning (including mapping of activities and budget analysis) is done jointly. Partners have made efforts to bring in additional funding, strengthening the capacity and outreach of the CP programme. The strong coordination has also been possible by the recruitment of a full-time CP UNHCR staff.
Partners stressed as particularly positive the drafting process conducted at the end of 2014 of the Kakuma Inter-agency Child and Youth Protection Strategy (2015-2016), which provides a common strategic vision and objectives for the child protection response, based on the Regional Framework for the Protection of South Sudanese and Sudanese Refugee Children, as well as on the global UNHCR Framework for the Protection of Children Finally, in response to the gap identified in 2014 in terms of coordination with other sectors, particularly with Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Education, quarterly meetings have been arranged for 2015 and cross-cutting activities have been identified in the strategy.