Renovating water sources in Kenya

Islamic Relief is renovating water access in seven remote villages across North and East Mandera, Kenya.
The project, which began this month, will provide water to 5,500 local residents, as well as around 150,000 livestock.

Over the next six months, Islamic Relief will be constructing a large water storage tank, pump house and 5,000 metres of pipes to connect the water to four water kiosks and a further four animal troughs in different villages.

We will also be rehabilitating four wells and renovating a type of reservoir called a water pan and the system that provides it with water.

The seven villages that have been for selected for this project have dilapidated or entirely non-functional water sources. Once water sources are in place, we will provide training on hygiene and sanitation in each of the villages, equipping residents with the skills to economically and hygienically benefit from their water sources.

Each village will also select a water committee who will oversee the management of the water systems in a sustainable manner.

Islamic Relief has been working with the Kenyan government regionally since 2006, assisting in developing and rehabilitating water facilities, as well as providing humanitarian relief during draughts and flash floods.