Red Cross responds to Mandera Bus Attack

On Saturday, 22nd November 2014 at around 0545hrs, a bus travelling from Mandera Town, North East Kenya to Nairobi was attacked at Ledhi, in Arabia area 30Km from Mandera Town. The attackers, are reported to have been heavily armed, and diverted the bus off the road and forced all passengers aboard to alight

The passengers are reported to have been separated into two groups by the militants. One group was freed while the second group, comprising of 19 males and 9 females were executed.

The KRCS response team, accessed the scene at around 1000hrs and retrieved the 28 bodies of the deceased, supported by officers from the Central and County Governments. The bodies were moved to Mandera Town, where KRCS team, supported by officers from Mandera District Hospital carried out initial body preservation. The bodies were then airlifted later in the day to Nairobi.