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Rapid Response Payment Request No. 03/2012 for assistance to Sudanese refugees arriving in Kakuma Camp, Kenya


Rapid Response Payment Request No. 03/2012 Funds Sent To: The Lutheran World Federation Amount Sent: USD 58,778 Date: 23 rd Feb 2012

Details of Response Emergency: Assistance to Sudanese refugees arriving at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya Date of Emergency: 20 th February 2012 Requesting Member(s): The Lutheran World Federation, Kenya


During the latter part of 2011, increased fighting was reported along the southern border area of North Sudan, affecting villages in South Kordofan and Nuba mountains. This led to the displacement of North Sudanese, who have started arriving in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. In addition, recent ethnic fighting in Jonglei state in the Republic of South Sudan, between the Nuer and the Murle, has also led to displacement and increased arrivals in Kakuma refugee camp.

In the past month, there has been an increase in the number of both southern and northern Sudanese arriving in the Kakuma camp. The numbers are expected to increase with the ongoing fighting in the areas mentioned above, and based on reports that Sudanese people have been seen walking towards the Kenyan border. The UNHCR team visited the camp recently and held interviews with the newly arrived refugees for confirmation. Before arriving at the camp the refugees walk for 2 – 8 weeks.