Rains causes Havoc in Nairobi

Several people are displaced with two confirmed dead following heavy down pour in Nairobi. The heavy rainfall reported in most parts of the country since Wednesday night until today Thursday have resulted to displacement of people and deaths in Nairobi, with vulnerable groups mostly affected (the informal settlements). Areas affected in Nairobi include South C, Mathare slums area C, Eastleigh, Lakisama, Lunga Lunga, King Stone, Pipeline, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Landi Mawe near mater Hospital and Villa Franca estate in Imara Daima. Some of these areas are reported marooned with people taking refuge on their roof tops.

Roads heavily affected include Nyayo Stadium roundabout and Lusaka road, Westlands roundabout along Waiyaki Way, Langata Road, Kiambu Road, Mombasa Road, Jogoo and Outering Roads.KRCS Nairobi branch has send assessment teams to the affected areas that are working closely with the provincial administration, local communities and police. Police have already collected two bodies of unidentified men one at a bridge along Bunyala Road near Baricho Road, which is believed to have been swept downstream and the other victim drowned in Lungalunga area in Mukuru slums as he tried to cross a flooded area before police were called to pick up the body.

KRCS tracing team is working with Police to identify them. Lunga lunga displaced person are being evacuated to St. Elizabeth centre Other areas prone to floods within Nairobi which we are yet to confirm situation include Ruai, Mlolongo and Athi River. More details follow with the ongoing assessments