Raging floods displace over 40 Isiolo families

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The flood situation in northern Kenya continued to worsen yesterday, with displacement of over 40 families in Isiolo Town.

In a response to the Government's appeal for international support in aiding the flood victims, two military transport planes from the Belgian Air Force are expected to arrive in Kenya today to assist in airlifting emergency food supplies.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister Ahmed Khalif yesterday appealed to the Government to supply military aircraft to transport commercNX6 and famine relief food as well as medicine to the areas affected by the recent floods.

Reports indicate that more than 40 families resident on the Kambi Garba Estate in Isiolo town were on Saturday night forced to leave their houses owing to flooding.

The two C-130 Hercules planes will carry out the relief operations in conjunction with the World Food Programme at the Coast, Eastern and North Eastern provinces. Unrelenting rains associated with the El Nino phenomenon have feen pounding the province for close to two months. Several people have died while thousands have been displaced, including refugees in the Dadaab camp. The floods have also killed livestock and virtually destroyed the road network in northern Kenya.

According to a statement from the Belgian Embassy in Kenya, one plane will continuously operate from Mombasa in the programme expected to last at least one month.

A number of houses were also swept away by the floods and families reported losing household good.

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