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P4P in Kenya

In Kenya, P4P has strengthened small-scale farmers’ and traders’ capacity to engage with the agricultural market. P4P and partners assist farmers’ organizations (FOs) to increase their access to storage and facilitate their access to credit. They carry out capacity development in best agricultural practices, post-harvest handling and quality assurance. P4P has also connected FOs to rural agro-dealers to increase their access to inputs, production assistance, conditioning services and markets. Currently, 74 FOs are registered as WFP suppliers, and P4P has supported 132 additional FOs to access other markets, such as government-run home grown school feeding. P4P has also engaged 35 small-scale traders and village level agro-dealers with the capacity to bulk grain and sell to WFP. In rural areas, the programme's procurement strategy encourages resilience through diversification, emphasizing the commercialization of drought-resistant crops. This approach aligns with government strategies to promote high value nutritious crops grown in rural agricultural areas. P4P is currently being mainstreamed in Kenya, and emphasizes government ownership through links with home grown school feeding and nutrition.