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Outreach nutrition work


Some of the communities most at risk from the east African food crisis are the nomadic tribespeople, or pastoralists, of Turkana, in north-western Kenya.

Because of the droughts affecting the area, the amount of fertile land for livestock to graze on has fallen dramatically, leading to conflict between nomadic tribes for access.

Merlin is doubling the geographic reach of its programmes across Kenya, opening stabilisation centres, carrying out outreach nutrition work, immunising people against disease and, as in Somalia, primarily targeting children under five and pregnant or lactating women.

In all, almost four million people remain at risk of malnutrition and disease across the country.


The largest of the countries affected by the food crisis, Ethiopia is home to almost five million people at risk from hunger and disease.

Merlin is operating mobile clinics throughout areas of the country affected by the drought, as well as treating the growing number of refugees from neighbouring Somalia fleeing the famine in their own country.

Working alongside the Ethiopian government, Merlin is carrying out nutrition programming, primary healthcare, immunisation programmes and reproductive health work.

All of our work combating the food crisis across east Africa depends on your donations.

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