Operations Update: Kenya - Floods update No. 2

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This Information Bulletin (no. 3/2006) reflects the information available at this time.

The Situation

Torrential rainfall continues to hit various parts of the country with flooding increasing in some areas. The worst hit by the flooding over the weekend (18th and 19th November) are Tana River and Garissa districts. The unrelenting rainfall has drastically increased the number of those affected.

According to media reports, two more people drowned in the floods that affected Garissa district when Tana River burst its banks. Over the weekend 10,000 families living along the Tana were evacuated due to heavy flooding.

North Eastern Kenya

In Garissa, the National society has confirmed one person dead. The District Commissioner has also established that the 7-folks dam waters have been released due to over flow while Kiambere dam has increased by 200ml past the normal water level and more rainfall could force the KENGEN to open the gates. 250 families have been displaced in Ziwani and are camping at Garissa farmers training centre, which is partly flooded. Other areas affected are Bula punda, Bula sheikh and Bula Kamaro. A total number of 250 families from the 3 areas are resettling at Garissa Nep Technical training College while 200 IDP's from Bakuyu and 250 at Hyuga have also been resettled. 140 people were rescued by police helicopters and three others by the National Society 3 km from Garissa town. The three boats are still on standby to rescue other people. The River Nyando's water level is rising

In Isiolo, Seriously affected areas are Shambale, Alamach, Karandare, Bulesdima, Burati, and Kambi Garba. 360 families are at a risk of being displaced due to flooding

In Mandera, according to the District Medical Officer of Health - Mandera District, there are major diseases being experienced due to floods, these include diarrhoeal diseases and Malaria. The effects of floods have been majorly felt in the urban areas, which include Mandera, Elwak, Rhamu, and Takaba. The affected areas are in urgent need of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), Mosquito nets, chlorine tabs for water purification and health kits.

According to the Provincial Medical Officer of North Eastern Province, the displaced population is gathered in schools, institutions and hospitals. There is an urgent need of sanitation i.e. construction of latrines and chlorination of water. The supplies are to be channelled through the District Public Health Offices within the province for distribution.

The road between Kakuma and Lokichoggio has been destroyed.

Coastal Area

In Kwale, 2 cases of diarrhoeal diseases found; In Vanga the cholera outbreak has been from the Tanzanian side. The area is now quarantined and UNICEF airlifting mobilets. In addition, there are cases of skin diseases outbreaks but medics responding well to cases.

In Moyale, Aquatabs are needed urgently since the area is under watch for fear of diarrhoeal diseases outbreak. Five suspected cases from Ethiopia have already been reported. All the water drank in Kenya from Ethiopia side, a seriously hazardous.

In Tana River, approximately 800 people have been displaced and are currently gathered at a school in Madogo which is generally accessible. There is urgent need of Mosquito nets and chlorine tablets.

Red Cross Action

In Kwale, the M6 trucks are moving relief EMOP food to Kinango, 9 FDPs have been covered so far. The National Society is also airlifting 12-14 MT of food daily to cut off Lunga lunga and Vanga divisions. They are making about 6-18 trips a day. The surveying of Kinango-Lunga lunga route will be done tomorrow so that a route can be identified for the M6s to send food.

Tarpaulins have been distributed in Isiolo's Central division. In Busia, relief items stored in Kisumu regional warehouse will be distributed.

In Isiolo, the National Society has responded by distributing 120 pieces of tarpaulins and will soon distribute an additional 200 more pcs.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

Mr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General, Email;
Dr. Asha Mohamed, Deputy Secretary General, Email;
Mr. Abdi Shakur, Ag Head of Department, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Email

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