Nyeri District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation Overview

- Rainfall has been received throughout the district though the amount and distribution has varied

- Rivers and dams are the major sources of water.

- All the rivers are flowing but the water volume has reduced. The situation is however good compared to a normal year.

- Harvesting of potatoes is over and farmers are in their land preparation. Others have started early planting.

- Availability of cereals in the market is good

- Livestock prices have started to go up as meat consumption resumes in the district. There was however no Ban or Quarantine of animal and animal products in the district

- The current pasture condition is considerably good for this time of the month though it has reduced in quality and quantity compared to last month

- The situation in the district is currently normal and has not significantly hanged.


- People living in lower areas including Thun'gari should be considered for capacity on effective farming including kitchen gardening

- Efforts for catchments protection including re-forestation should be given priority as the rains are approaching, especially in Mt. Kenya

- Capacity building for people on fodder conservation should go on especially now that there is availably of the same in the farms

Previous DSG Recommendations

- People living on the road side still require relief food before they are resettled by the government. However their resettlement will be the only lasting solution to their food security as opposed to relief food rations.