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Thousands of people at Garsen, including those who were evacuated from Kipini in Tana River District, have once again been displaced and are faced with starvation following fresh floods on Monday - night.

At the same time, Coast Provincial Commissioner Timothy Sirma said that a helicopter has been sent [...], led by local DC John Litunda, would fly over the area to assess the situation.

Speaking on the telephone, Mr Sirma added that people affected by the floods would be evacuated soon after an alternative place was found.

''The Government will evacuate all those who have been affected to safer areas after Mr Litunda's fact-finding mission,'' Mr Sirma said.

He added that the floods had displaced thousands of people, destroyed property and |ed to loss of lives.

The PC said the Government was committed to ensuring that those affected by the floods got adequate food, shelter and clothing. He also appealed to well-wishers to come out in aid of the victims.

''I am appealing to well-wishers to come out and assist those who have been affected by the floods,'' he said.

Contacted over the matter, Mr Litunda said Garsen town was sub-merged under water and the majority of rfsidents had f,ed. He said he could not tell how many people had been affected by the disaster, adding that some of those who had been evacuated from Kipini had taken refuge at the town.

''It is very difficult at the moment to say how many people have been affected because those who were evacuated from Kipini and other areas were taking refuge at Garsen [at the time of the tragedy],'' Mr Litunda said.

The DC said the worst hit areas were Wemol, Kolesa, Kadeni, Wahewani, [...] Chara, where houses have been marooned by flood water.

Mr Litunda said that the Government last week airlifted food to people who had moved to Waldana and Wayu, but added that more food was still needed.

Meanwhile, parents with children at Jilore Primary School in Malindi will require more than Sh3 million to shift the institution to higher ground following he collapse of buildings caused by heavy rains.

The parents, led by their representative, Mr Andrea MulewB, said in a report that an underground river had formed below the school buildings.

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