New partnership will provide medical care in Kenya

In a period of global economic uncertainty, it is those who have little who lose the most.

In many communities in Kenya, underprivileged people are struggling to survive and to access basic services such as education and health care.

In this context, HPIC is pleased to be involved in a collaborative effort that will serve the health needs of the poor through church-based clinics in Kenya.

The key partners are:

- Health Partners International of Canada

- The Sharing Way (TSW), the relief and development department of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)

- Evangelical Medical Aid Society (EMAS), an organization that has over 50 year's experience in arranging for volunteer service of Canadian medical professionals

- The Africa Brotherhood Church (ABC), that has a church membership of 1.5 million, and operates 13 rural clinics in Kenya

- The Africa Christian Church and Schools (ACCS) that has a membership of 500,000 and operates 8 rural clinics in Kenya

- The project involves Canadian medical teams travelling to Kenya to provide medical care and train the nurses and lab technicians of the rural clinics. EMAS will recruit the doctors and organize the trips. CBM will work with the African partners to ensure connections with development programs and HIV/AIDS initiatives. HPIC will provide the necessary medicines and medical supplies to operate the clinics.

Samar Assousa, Senior Director of Programs at HPIC, said, "This partnership is vital for all of us. Each group brings its own expertise and resources to the table and together we are much stronger. But the real winners are the Kenyan patients in those clinics who will now receive the health care they need."