Narok District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation overview

- There were no rains received in the district during the month of March.

- Livestock body condition has remained stable for all species

- Cases of three days sickness, E.C.F, C.B.P.P and worms have continued to be reported mainly in the lower zones

- The prevalence of Rift Valley fever has gone down compared to the previous month

- The calving and lambing rate has slightly increased as compared to the previous reporting period

- Food security situation has improved in all the divisions following the improved milk production, but the situation is still low among several households in the lower rangelands, where the impact of RVF is also threatening food security situation.

- Pasture and browse condition has remained good both in quality and quantity throughout the district. However the pasture seems to change very fast in terms of quality due to excessively hot sunny intervals.

- Water situation remained good throughout the district but steadily on a decline especially on the lower rangelands

- Land preparation for planting is almost complete with several farmers having planted wheat, maize and beans

- There were no major human diseases reported during the review period

- The percentage of children under five undernourished has slightly gone down. This is mainly attributed to an improvement in milk production and the reduced impact of the RVF fears in diet patterns.


1. The issue of the nuisance maize stalk borer should be addressed in the affected areas.
Action: D.A.O (lead), D.S.G

2. There is urgent need to intervene on the perennial infighting among the inter communities and cross border communities along the Kenya Tanzanian Border in Narok South District. a lasting solution should be sought to avoid further loss of life.
Action: D.V.O (Lead), D.L.P.O

3. There is also need to embark on a campaign to educate farmers on the need to adopt the fast maturing crops and educate them on their management and consumption. Alongside this, trainings on post harvest management including storage of food crops should be undertaken.
Action: D.A.O (lead), D.M.O, Civil Society Organization

4. Rising human wildlife conflicts should be addressed adequately to enable a peaceful coexistence with wildlife
Action: K.W.S, (lead), Civil Society Organisations, N.E.M.A