Nairobi Floods and Huruma Building Collapse 1 - Sitrep no. 001/Apr/2016



The Kenya Meteorological department (KMD) released an early warning on 25th April 2016, warning of heavy rains and storm surges (80% probability) that were expected to affect different parts of the country in the immediate period. The areas that were expected to experience heavy rains include Western Kenya, Rift valley, Coast and Central highlands including Nairobi. As a result of this KRCS activated response teams in areas which were expected to receive heavy rainfall. KRCS sent out messages through the TERA SMS platform to communities living in lowland areas of Garissa, and Tana River warning of a likelihood of floods in these areas. So far, the effects of heavy rains have been experienced Vanga in Kwale, Kalokol in Turkana, Modogashe in Garissa and Gakiria village in Maragua. Nairobi has been the worst hit region by the collapse of the Huruma occupied residential building.